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Transcript | Speech at Never Again is Now Melbourne Rally | 19 May 2024

May 19, 2024

Sunday 19 May 2024
Speech at Never Again is Now Melbourne Rally

JAMES PATERSON: Today’s rally is not about conflict. Today’s rally is not about the Middle East. It is a rally about Australia. It is a rally about who we are as a nation. All racism is wrong. All racism is evil. But anti-semitism is the oldest and deepest sickness of humanity. It rears its ugly head at least once every generation. For us, that time is now.

Our Jewish brothers and sisters tell us they’ve never felt less safe in Australia. That levels of anti-Semitism is off the charts. But they can’t fight it alone. They need people of moral courage and moral clarity to stand with them. They need non-Jews like me and many of you to support them.

We must stand against anti-semitism not just because it is morally repugnant. We must stand against it because history shows that rampant anti-semitism is a leading indicator of an unhealthy society. Because while it might start with the Jews, it never ends with the Jews.

I can’t speak to this rally without addressing the elephant in the room. Just over there are people counter protesting this rally. Counter protesting a rally against anti-semitism. And the materials they used to promote their protest is frightening. Blood stained writing. A jackboot stomping the Star of David.

For the last six months they’ve had this city to themselves. But on the one weekend the Jewish community and their friends show up they are here to try to intimidate us. But this city belongs to all of us. We are not afraid. We will not be bullied. And good news is they are an isolated fringe. They don’t speak for Australia.

In fact just this week the Senate voted on an overwhelming bipartisan basis to condemn their hateful rhetoric and slogans. The vast majority of Australians reject these extremists. Everyone here today stands proudly with the Jewish community and against their hate. And we will stand with you for as long as it takes to defeat it.


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