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May 3, 2024

Friday 03 May 2024
Clare Armstrong
The Daily Telegraph

 Labor urged to act on released detainees after visa breaches
 Labor is under pressure to apply for preventative detention orders to put  high-risk immigration detainees released by a controversial High Court  decision back behind bars, after three of the men were charged with breaching  visa conditions in a single week.
 More than six months since the federal government passed emergency laws  allowing it to apply to the courts for released detainees deemed at  significant risk of reoffending to be taken of the streets, not one  application has been made.
 Prime Minister Anthony Albanese has also continued to stand by Home Affairs  Minister Clare O'Neil and Immigration Minister Andrew Giles amid calls from  the Opposition for their resignations over the repeated bungled handling of  the release of 153 non-citizens previously convicted of serious crimes.
 Opposition Leader Peter Dutton said all the detainee issues could be traced  back to Ms O'Neil and Mr Giles.
 "I don't see how either of them can survive," he said.
 On Thursday, Australian Federal Police announced officers had arrested a  Burundiborn man in Perth and charged the 42-year-old with five counts of  failing to comply with a curfew condition and one of failing to keep a  monitoring device in order.
 Earlier this week a 31-year-old Afghanistan-born man was arrested in Brisbane  and charged with two counts of failing to comply with curfew conditions  attached to his visa.
 Also this week, the AFP charged a 45-year-old Sudanese man in Melbourne with  three counts of failing to comply with curfew and one of failing to ensure  his monitoring device was in good order.
 Since December there have been more than a dozen instances of released  detainees charged with alleged visa breaches related to either curfew  conditions or electronic monitoring failures.
 Opposition Home Affairs spokesman James Paterson said in the wake of former  immigration detainee Majid Jamshidi Doukoshkan being charged over the alleged  violent bashing of a Perth grandmother and theft of $200,000 worth of  jewellery from her home this week, the government must act now to lock up  other high-risk ex-detainees.
 "Not one murderer, not one sex offender, not one violent assaulter has  been taken off the streets using (preventative detention) powers," he  said.
 Mr Paterson said Labor also must ensure all of the released detainees were  wearing ankle monitors, after it was revealed Doukoshkan had been allowed to  take his off.
 Mr Albanese initially pointed to state bail schemes when asked about  Doukoshkan's ankle monitor, but pushed on why the Commonwealth's own  Community Protection Board had actually made the recommendation for it to be  removed, he declined to weigh in.
 "It's not appropriate for me to comment on individual cases," he  said.

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