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MEDIA RELEASE: New paper: Seizing the opportunity for free trade with the UK

August 18, 2020

New paper: Seizing the opportunity for free trade with the UK In a paper published by the Adam Smith Institute of London today, Senator James Paterson proposes a three stage process for stronger economic relations with the UK post Brexit.“In the short term the proposed Australia-UK FTA should eliminate tariffs and quotas and provide visa free opportunities for travel for citizens of both countries.“In the medium term, we should strive to replicate Australia’s world-class Closer Economic Relations Treaty with New Zealand, which has unimpeded trade and travel.“In the long term, we should lay the foundations for free trade and free movement between the CANZUK group of countries including Canada, Australia, New Zealand and the UK.“The COVID-19 crisis has highlighted the difference between trading partners and long term friends and allies. In an uncertain world, stronger economic relations with likeminded countries makes sense.“Countries like Australia and the UK which share values and unmatched historical, legal and cultural ties can help secure each other’s freedom and prosperity by working closer together.”The paper can be downloaded here.

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